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an icontest devoted to the TV show M*A*S*H

welcome to mashstillness
Welcome to M*A*S*H Stillness, an icontest for the TV show M*A*S*H. Each week, a set of screencaps, publicity shots, or other pictures will be posted on the community, or other guidelines will be provided. Your job will be to create icons to submit to the week's challenge. The community will then vote on the top three icons for each challenge, and there will also be a mod's choice award.

Banner makers are: katiemariie, angelus2hot, nurrantiel, loafer149 and roadrunner1896.

Thanks to quebelly for originally creating the 'stillness' concept.
1. No animated icons. This is a stillness community, which means the icons must not contain any sort of animation. Animated icons submitted will not be accepted into the challenge.
2. You must be a member of the community to submit icons. Non-members may vote, but you must be logged into LJ to vote.
3. Keep your icons anonymous. Do not post the icons anywhere else, including personal journals, until the challenge is over.
4. Icons must be created for the specific challenge. No using old icons.
5. You may submit as many icons as the challenge specifies. Each challenge may have different guidelines for the number of icons allowed.
6. Only use the pictures (or other guidelines) provided.
7. Do not vote for yourself, and do not tell your friends to vote for you.
8. Ask the icon maker before taking an icon for your own use.
Icons submitted must be in LJ acceptable format:
-no more than 100x100 pixels
-less than 40kb in size
-in .jpg, .gif, or .png format

Icons must be submitted in a comment in the challenge post only. You must be logged in and a member of the community to submit icons. No anonymous submissions.

Please format your entry comment in the following way (img src and url):

Current Challenge: Challenge #104- Nurse Kellye

See the list of all the past challenges here.

Drop your suggestions for future challenges in our Suggestion Box.
If you would like to affiliate with mashstillness, comment to this post. Icon or M*A*S*H-related journals or communities only, please.
Profile code thanks to ReversesCollide. Header created by anteka.

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